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Property Search Negotiation Acquisition Services

Living Property offers a range of useful services to property buyers seeking to purchase residential, commercial, land or investment properties across the Waveney Valley, North Suffolk and South Norfolk area.

Property Search - Living Property have designed their role as a property sourcing agent to add value to the buyer in saving purchasers time in locating and qualifying suitable properties that fit the purchasers buying brief. 

The team at Living Property have a great many years of experience living, working and raising family in the Waveney Valley, North Suffolk and South Norfolk area. We know the towns, villages, housing, educational facilities, employment opportunities, leisure and much more. Our local knowledge, contacts, connections and experience combine to provide you, as a property buyer, a valuable asset at your side.

  • Buying Your Next Home - You may already live in the region but are time poor or you may be relocating to the Waveney Valley, North Suffolk and South Norfolk area. A Living Property Buying Agent will interview you via telephone or video conference, identifying aspects in the property you seek, such as property location, house style, accommodation and amenities. The Living Property Buying Agent will then search the market place, providing search progress reports, video showings of potentially suitable property and shortlisting qualified properties for on-site showing.

  • Holiday Home Search - The Waveney Valley, North Suffolk and South Norfolk offer beautiful areas of countryside, eastern England's Coastline features quaint seaside towns such as Southwold to Norfolk’s fine City of Norwich. Your Living Property Search Agent can seek out properties suitable for your holiday retreat or short term holiday let.

  • Specific Property Acquisition - This service is for the buyer who desires a specific property, which may or may not be on the market. Such a buyer may wish to have a level of anonymity or simply feel more comfortable outsourcing their buying inquiry to a trusted third party. 

  • Investor Search - This search service is designed primarily with the Buy-to-Let investor in mind. Your dedicated Living Property Search Agent will search for suitable properties which may include existing tenanted investment. Considerations around yield, rent level, tenant demand are prerequisites in the investor search.

  • Developer Search - This search service is primarily designed for the residential or commercial developer who wishes to retain Living Property’s services to introduce development opportunities.

Property Acquisition (Private Treaty) - Your dedicated Living Property Buying Agent can be retained to Negotiate your purchase or Negotiate+Manage.

  • Negotiate - Your dedicated Living Property Buying Agent is experienced in property negotiations. They negotiate hard to secure the property at the keenest price possible. Your Buying Agent will ensure chattels are also considered within the negotiations and that relevant communications are provided to all stakeholders in the transaction.

  • Negotiate+Manage - Once a sale is successfully negotiated, the art of administering and progressing the sale and any dependent sales chain(s) that lie beyond or behind your sale, is key to getting the deal done. It is generally understood that around a third of residential property sales cancel. The timely chasing of documentation, proactive sales progressing and regular communication get sales over the line to binding contracts far faster than the deal being left to play out for itself with lawyers. 

Property Acquisition (Auction) - If you have identified a property via an auction house that you wish to buy your Living Property Buying Agent can be engaged to provide you Auction Consultancy

  • Auction Consultancy - Your Living Property Buying Agent will review the auction lot, including the Auction Legal Pack, providing you with a synopsis of considerations, including a suggested budget and bidding strategy.

  • Auction Consultancy+Pre-Auction Negotiation - In addition to Auction Consultancy your Living Property Buying Agent will offer and negotiate with the auctioneer on your behalf in an effort to secure a pre-auction sale on your behalf.

  • Auction Consultancy+Auction Bidding - In addition to Auction Consultancy your Living Property Buying Agent will, on your behalf and with your signed authority, bid in the auction in person or online. If the auction fails and the property remains available post auction your Buying Agent will endeavour to close a sale, if you have provided such authority to do so.

To find out more about our Buying Agent services or to get a quote for your needs email or phone 01502 558538 

"I am delighted with the excellent all-round service that Living Property provide. They are - without doubt - the most pro-active letting agency I've found. Professional and friendly staff with a very strong understanding of the rental marketplace, they let my house in under a week. I know that my property is in safe hands with Living Property. Thank you to all the fabulous staff!"
Kevin Alexander (Landlord)