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Living Property Team Up With The Moving Hub's UK National Property Survey Services

Mon 21 Dec 2020

The majority of house buyers will need mortgage finance to facilitate the purchase of their next home. When it comes to applying for the mortgage the mortgagor will be faced with options for survey. These are mortgage valuation, Home Buyers Report or Building Survey.


The mortgage valuation is the basic level, whereby the purpose of this ‘survey’ is much more about checking the value and security of the loan being made on the asset from the mortgagee;s protection than it is about looking at the building fabric and picking up evidential maintenance issues. Unless the mortgage valuer eyeballs anything glaringly obviously wrong with the property and makes recommendations for further investigations, the property will pass for mortgage purposes but perhaps fail, for example, to pick up that the roof is leaking, needing repair or indeed replacement.


To safeguard your position when buying your next home you may consider investing in either a Homebuyers Report of Building Survey. All too often it can be considered by house purchasers as money well spent, avoiding walking into a property purchase that could become an unwelcome financial headache.


A HomeBuyers Report was developed by the RICS to be a mid range overview of a property reserved for conventional build housing in reasonable visual condition. This type of report gives a degree of comfort for purchasers to flag issues or concerns not perhaps immediately apparent to a lay person.


The RICS Building Survey previously known as a Structural Survey, is an in-depth inspection of a property. It is the most comprehensive of the surveys available for residential properties and will provide a detailed evaluation of a property's condition. Certainly useful when buying older property.

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